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3rd week / Feb 2005

This tip is all about preventing failure on GAS engines. This is important because failure to follow would result to engine wear.

1. Check the fuel line for any signs of leak. A simple leak means disaster for it results to fire or sometimes a contaminated fuel that can loose compressed pistons and cylinder head.

2. Check the air fuel mixture needle valve. if it sets to lean then it would results to overheated engine or frequent stop of engine. If it is set too rich, it will consume and waste more fuel. so it is advisable to slightly richen the engine so more lubricants are spewed out and protect the engine as it runs cooler.

3. Please dont repair glow plugs they are consumables and needs to be replaced once busted. Please note that once you encounter a busted glowplug to immediately overhaul your engine, the small element from glow plug might hinder the proper compression of the engine.

4. Never use gasoline. The model engines are designed to run using methanol and castor oil or combination of methanol+syntetic oil+castor oil+nitro. If you use gasoline for that type of engine, a serious personal injury might occur. Use Gasoline only for the engine that was specifically designed for them.

5. Always log the running hours. A typical model car needs to be overhauled after about a total of 30 running hours while an airplane needs a total of 48 running hours. The reason for overhauling is inorder to remove the gum, tar and any minerals deposited inside the engine that can cause problem like hard start.

6. Use light duty oil like sewing machine oil after using the engine. this will prevent rust from buildingup. Flood the engine with above mentioned oil and drain later when engine is again to be used.

7. Lastly, make sure that no open flames are near the engine. Also check the wiring for any possible damage in insulation. A damage insulation may cause fire.

Tip of the week contributor/writer: jay@callworx.com


1st week / Feb 2005

Here is my tip to prevent AM glitch that caused abnormal or erratic servo or speed control movement. Some of you might experience this abnormal behavior that is fatal when your model is airborne... Well take this seriously or else magloloko ang model nyo... Glitches are one of the factors that affect the rc modelers for some years now. It affects the performance of your plane. The symptoms are similar to an RC Model with two remote controller but in a very short duration. Lets say you are flying an rc plane and preparing to land your model... suddenly it swerves left or increase the engine or simply say it performs unauthorized movements for a few seconds... this is called glitch. Glitch is caused by many factors one of the most common are interference by radio (Caused by sudden surge of RF Energy or by magnetic means (Electromagnetic Wave)... To prevent glitches I suggest to use a frequency that no one is using (difficult to do unless you use a PCM radio) or if the setup is already made., as in the case for SYMA, I suggest to check if there is a 0.1uF capacitor connected in parralell to the motor and the main power lines and also to check periodically the forward bias of the diode(every 6 months). Dont worry, it does not consume power.... it just filters a stray harmonics(RF Harmonics) that is intercepted by the receiver and the EM(Electromagnetic Harmonics) caused by motors electromagnets... In case for the engine type (GAS Powered) models, I suggest to properly ground the engine by connecting a black negative wires from the battery to the chassis of the engine and also same for the receiver.,.. this grounding method minimized the RF harmonics caused by metal to metal friction inside the engine...

Tip of the week contributor/writer: jay@callworx.com

4rd week / Jan 2005

During the summer, your airplane can fly higher and save power with the help of thermals or rising hot air.
Usually, gliders can benefit from thermals because the airplane is very light and does not need extra motor power
to pull plane up but the wind catches the rising hot air usually found in newly plowed fields and thick plantations.
The larger the wingspan and area of the plane the longer it will glide which will sometimes last for more than an hour.
You may be amazed that cheap 42inches wingspan planes is capable of gaining altitudes to more than a thousand feet.
But be careful to always keep the airplane in sight. Too much altitude with strong upstream winds may drift the plane farther
and harder to retrieve. Also, you need to be aware of your airplanes receiving range.

3rd week / Jan 2005

Installing navigational lights (at 3volts, 1.5 or less than 1 volt LED or cellphone lights) to your plane is easy.
Each light you want to install should come with a 1k resistor (resistance to up to 12volts battery to avoid burn out) for series connection.
To position the lights, first choose which polarity to use for a parallel connection.
After choosing, make a small slit from that main wire and wound a wire to serve as main line for all the negative
or positive contact points of the lights, then attach all the negative or positive ends of your choice of the lights to that main line.
second is to attach one end of all resistors (1k) to the vacant polarity from battery - do this by slitting and wound all the ends of resistor.
now, you will have an exposed tip of the resistors and other end of the lights - connect the ends together and if the light lits up,
you have done correct light installation. if the light doesnt lit up, just try to remove light,
twist connection and reattach two ends until you get right flow of power.

using 1k resistor wont give any visible drop on flight time. please email me or join the forunm if you have any questions.

2nd week / Jan 2005

One of the most susceptible parts to damage is the propeller. 90% breaks comes from the BLADE ROOT during impact crash.
to repair this, (1) put a drop of high bond super glue on broken part. (2nd) clamp together or apply pressure - leave for 1hour.
(3) reinforced by coating broken part with high bond epoxy - depending on your epoxy curing time (5min or 24 hour) can bond stronger.
also add coating to the other portion of the propeller, equal in distance of the broken part.
this will balance the weight of the propeller during revolution. if you dont apply epoxy on the other part of the wing,
the prop rotation will stress out the motor and make the plane waggle in the air.
also make sure the epoxy reionforcement is not too thick.

I can repair propellers for free. email me first and describe the problem and the type of plane you have, then send the props to my address.
i will repair them and send them back to you, however you have to pay for the reshipment at a very very minimal fee
maybe about $2 for international mail (or P100 locally through LBC).
this way, you can study how it is done and dont spend anymore money due to broken parts.
it is better that you can send alot of them so we can save on shipment cost.
a brandnew propeller can cost $2-$4 us dollar which does not yet include any shipment cost.
if you can repair the props yourself then you can save spendings and get to know propellers better.

1st week / Jan 2005

For beginners, It is always recommended to dedicate a single day to test your airplanes receiving range
before making your maiden or first time flight by taxying the plane on a runway as far as you can and bringing it back.
This way, you may be aware visually of your airplanes receiving range and limit the radius during flight.
You can also ask someone to hold the plane and walk away by continuously transmitting until plane can no longer pick up signal.
Taxying or making the plane go back and forth on the runway will help beginner pilots to familiarize with the controls.

3rd week / Dec 2004

It is always important to concentrate and look at the plane when flying.
A quick turn of the head or a blink of an eye can make the plane look disoriented specially when it is flying against the sun.
The the above animation will give you a clue on the airplanes position.
When a plane is getting smaller, it means its moving away from you, whereas, when its getting bigger it is moving towards you.
It is always better to install navigational lights to your rc planes
- when facing airplane (green lights for left wing,
red lights for right wing,
clear lights for front wing head lights and a yellow or clear blinker for tail vertical fin.

2nd week / Dec 2004

An airplane stalls when it is pushed forcefully against a strong wind. Stalls can happen
several hundreds of feet or even just a few feet above the ground. Most often, a moment
happens when a plane stalls and then followed by a nosedive - this event is called "porpoising".
You can correct this in the following manner:
If your plane is controlled by elevator, try lowering elevator to level plane, but too much will
pull plane down or you can lower down motor speed if your plane can be controlled by a throttle
speed. "Porpoising" can be used as an acrobatic manuever for throttle or variable speed planes
to wow the audience, but be sure that your plane has enough altitude to do this trick so that you
have chance to correct problem incase anything goes wrong.
1st week / Dec 2004

Radio Transmitters operating in FM band transmits radio waves by
line of sight, because of this, range is sometimes limited to the transmitting power and
obstructions present in the area. It is ideal to hold the transmitter upright (a) when
flying so receiver can pick up maximum signal. If plane does'nt respond to controls, there are
some possible causes, (a weak receiver battery, weak transmitting battery, or
a gust of wind pushing the plane in a different direction. if this happens during flight, try raising the
transmitter up (b) while controlling the plane to your direction and land immediately.
When a plane gets drifted away and becomes uncontrollable, try chasing it (c)
while controlling to retrieve and land plane immediately. It is important that you know the maximum
receiving range of your plane by asking someone to hold it away from you so you can limit the
radius of flight.

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