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June 2008


this is an experiment i made to copy a propeller. tested on a .46 engine however vibration occured and grinding of the bearing due to an imbalance hub. more scrapping of the blade portions is currently being done until i am able to get a smooth turn.

March 2008


any handpump head will work in sucking fuel out of a bottle and filling a container - this is a simple and cheap refueler that i built after my handcranked refueler broke. -- tip: to cement the pump head to a stiff tubing (ballpen empty ink tube) i used ceramic epoxy.


February 2008


after so many blades broken and out of desperation, i was able to formulate a way to recycle them.

this documentation only covers fusing of the two broken blades. this is a very effective and perfect repair method that can produce an equal performance to brand new blades, yet risky for people who cannot accurately cut the slices for interlocking.

1. remove the broken section of the blade
2. stack the blades to mark cutting area
3. notice a lock method technique of securing the blades


2007 undated data


(cotton and CA glue - aka. super glue)

1. Put or wrap a househould ordinary cotton on damaged area that requires cementing.
2. use a toothpick or a paperclip to maintain cotton position
3. Pour drops of CA on cotton until all parts that need to be reinforced is covered with cotton and soaked in CA.
- when cotton dries it hardens like rock!

November 2006


by Gino R. Punsalan


Use trainer rods to repair broken skids.
1. Clean, sand, and drill skid where rod will enter.
2. Cut correct length of trainer rod so that it goes flush through
the bottom of the skid.
3. Insert rod.
4. Apply hot glue around joint. Build fillet of glue around joint.

October 2006


by Gino R. Punsalan


1. Remove loose wood from damaged area.
2. Cut away covering on damaged area.
3. Sand piece of dry wood chip on rough sandpaper.
Collect the sanding powder.
4. Apply electrical tape on bottom of blade which extend (but not wrapped) beyond the edge.
5. Fill area with wood powder.
6. Apply super glue until powder turns dark brown.
7. Peel off electrical tape.
8. Sand wood-super glue composite to shape.
9. Wrap tape of your choice over repaired area.
10. Balance if desired.
(I don't balance and they run smooth anyway.)

4th week September 2006

most of the time a broken propeller is good as trash.
fortunately i found a way to repair it by stitching
together with a staple wire and reinforced by loctite.
procedure is simple:
1. glue back the broken parts using loctite
2. bore a hole where the staple wire can grip to act as stitches
3. insert the staple wires on holes for grip
4. reinforce by filling the repaired section surface with loctite

April 2006

contributor: Carlos Umil III

Repairing a chipped off helicopter foam propeller
chipping off that leads to running and eventual breaking of the foam blades for CCPM helicopters can be very frustrating.
fortunately, Mr. Umil found a way to temporarily repair the props while waiting for the spares to arrive.
he came up with the following procedures:
1. checked the portion of the props that need filling or resheeting
2. use small amount of resin epoxy to fill gaps, however i personally suggest using a brown paper tape with cotton inside as fillers so as not to affect weight.
3. sand the dried epoxy to bring back actual shape and edges of the prop
4. use shrink wrap you can buy from hobby shops to reinforce and serve as sheeting to the prop surface.

1st week March 2006

crashes sometimes happen due to simple causes:
1. loose aircraft battery connection - if battery disconnects in the middle of an aerial stunt result could be fatal as momentum can push the plane down to the ground at highspeed and loosing control is not desirable.
2. loose controller battery connection - as fatal as a loose aircraft battery connection.
3. loose servo - will render an aircraft non-steerable

make sure all linkages and power connections are well connected.

1st week / Feb 2006

too much elevator deflection can make airplane takeoff quickly in shorter runways, however it also reduces gliding time because when throttle is brought down momentum and gravity starts to take over the airplane and goes to repetetive stall and dive 'porposing' due to amplification in the tail, rather than a continuous slow and stable descend when elevator is positioned at a level.

1st week / Feb 2006

this is a follow-up to the home made heatsink for dragonfly #4 tail motor. this design is so effective i no longer get motor burn outs.

1st week / Jan 2006

adding a heatsink can prolong the life of your motor specialy for micro helicopter tail motors. heat can melt the insulation holding he commutator inside the motor thus dislocating the metal contacts and grinding the brushes rapidly. you can build your own heatsink from aluminum soda can. it works and with the aid of the silicon compound as agent for heat transfer.

2nd week / Dec 2005

start your training first with series of hops inorder to familiarize yawing, forward and back controls. this time you will also learn how to trim your helicopter before a higher altitude flight. never right away fly your helicopter if you are not yet fully familiarized and ready. if disoriented during flight, your helicopter might crash and get broken. remember, most rc helicopters are fragile and much harder to control than rc planes. be patient and soon you will realize you are already flying the helicopter with great ease. tame your helicopter first and it will follow your commands.


3rd week / Nov 2005

using a trainer when learning how to fly your first electric heli will save you lots of money and frustration. a longer trainer legs can prevent drift off collision and tip overs. yes. you can build it from any existing household materials as long as it is tough light weight, balanced and mounted correctly. if ever you find that the materials you have is a bit heavy, dont worry because most of the time in your preliminary training will all be hovers forward and landing flights. do not attempt an immediate high altitude takeoff as you might get disoriented and crash your heli.


1st week / Nov 2005

contributor: Ray R. of U.S.A.

almost all rc electric foamies plane pilots will say they all had experienced a chipping off of lamination on main wings leading edge (constant chipping off can lead to deterioration of the foam core and may result to the collapse of the wing). this is caused by continuous rubbing or the edge to any protruding objects like grass or weed. to limit the chipping off, wrap the edge with clear cellophane tape.

3rd week / Oct 2005

tip is applicable to airplanes with fixed landing gears or non steerable. if you are practicing a roll on ground, always head to one side of the runway for a turn to have enough space during the steer. never start turning the plane from the center of the runway unless it is wide enough for a turn - or plane might end up hitting the sides of the runway.

1st week / Oct 2005

neglecting the most simplest of all troubles like overheating of the battery connectors can be disastrous or fatal.
imagine a trip wire in the middle or an aerobatic and all servos locked with plane speeding to a momentum - the result is a pulvurized plane.
always check your battery wiring. if it exhibits power cut off, it probably means there is something wrong with contacts or there might be a loose wiring, fix immediately before the next flight and make sure wiring is heat resistant.

2nd week / Sept 2005

Making airplane do a basic loop at high altitude is one of the most rewarding moment during training. The steps is simple:
1. make airplane fly to its peak altitude.
2. turn throttle low when ready.
3. push down elevator (for nose to face down the ground and tail up high - airplane will start falling and pick up airspeed)
4. start a full throttle and
5. pull up elevator until plane completes a 360loop and
6. leave the controls neutral so plane gains balance.

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