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Written and Illustrations by Hoel Ibardolaza

Repairing an rc plane is easy. you need to have the following tools:
1. Cutter knife or scissors
2. 2inch transparent tape
3. super glue (loctite - never use on styrofoam)
4. clear 2 parts resin epoxy glue
5. folder clamp (largest)

Remember: You need to collect all the broken parts of the plane inorder to be able to assemble it back like a puzzle unless you can find a replacement for the missing part. Always clean those parts immediately

Broken Wing - fixing a broken wing is easy.

a. Apply epoxy between the opening
b. Clamp together. Wait for 24 hours to harden
c. Secure by wrapping with 2 inch transparent tape.

Warning: make sure the wings are aligned straight when bonding together because when bonding cures, you will have no way to realign them.
Another way of stregthening a broken wing is by sandwitching it with a plastic transparent sheet (used in overhead projectors).
A close up view of the repaired wing
Use Epoxy to put wing back together. make sure it is laying flat horizontally so that no bent or twist will occur when binding cures.

Repairing a broken stabilizer wing is easy as 1,2,3

Use a folder clip to serve as clamp to firmly grip on parts of the wing, then apply a small coat of epoxy to seal back any small gutter left by the breaking of the wing.

Warping - this is usually caused when strong winds pushes or presses plane down leaving gutter marks.

a. Mark caused by strong wind pushing up part of the wing
b. If unattended a warped wing will fold in the middle of flight followed by a nosedive
c. While early, repair by applying epoxy
d. Spead to seal any gutter and leave for 24 hours to cure
e. Secure with 2 inch transparent tape.

Broken nosecone or fuselage - Make sure all parts are complete. Clean parts to be repaired.

a. If plastic parts, put together using superglue so no clamping is needed
b.& c. coat with epoxy.

If plane is made of styrofoam, put together using epoxy (never use super glue on styrofoam) and clamp to leave for 24 hours



Missing section

a. Find a replacement or sheet of plastic, cut into missing shape with allowance for glueing.
b. apply small amout of super glue to bond c
c. Coat with epoxy.

If airplane is made of styrofoam, find a good quality cardboard to patch missing section and put together using epoxy (never use super glue on styrofoam) and clamp to leave for 24 hours

However, a plane made of foam is sometime vulnerable to crashes and deformation.

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