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view streaming video: Laishing Test flight / Crosswind attempt

Pacific Shores wide road is ideal for ROG take offs

the thick knee high grasses serves as perfect cushion

it was a crosswind yet i insisted on ROG take off

plane swerves

plane is very durable only the landing wheel dislocated but was easily fixed (remounted)

i transfered to a different runway to face wind

plane easily took off

and continued to gain altitude

over usage of throttle and a full elevator can make plane do this

after some short breathtaking soars and a large circle flight, i decided to land plane on the runway when suddenly some workers in bicycles passed by so i instead land it in the bushes.

hey look! plane passed by "Nixau's" back

one thing i like with local people is their nature to pick things up for you.

plane laid safely in the bushes

only fatality is a bend wheel strut but that is normal. not a problem.

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