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for adding navigational lights
please refer to "tip of the week" 3rd week / Jan 2005

adding nav lights to your rc plane gives realism and romance to dusk flights.

i am a late afternoon flyer so i need to lit up my plane

6:30am in Buen Retiro, Brgy. Bubog, Silay City - a spot famous for the "three sisters" enchanted willow tree.

it makes sense to test the rudder response to controls before flying the plane.

i checked the tail wheel and made sure it is well mounted.

this baby can do a rolling take off on a flat soil

inset shows plane picking up altitude. the rising may be a little slow but the powerful motors at full throttle will bring this baby up in the air at no time.

i made a return for a spiral flight

plane continued to pick up altitude

in few minutes, plane was almost like a speck of dust in the upper winds.

plane begun loosing altitude after some glide and it is now ready for a landing.

slow and clean descent

heading to a residencial area for landing sequence

going straight

ontop some houses

after making a turn, plane is now slowing down with only the rudders being active.

passed by

and into the runway


that was one nice morning flight!

this plane sure is a real glider and it takes skill to make a spot landing.

plane intact and ready for the next flight.

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