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5pm (facade lot of Canetown's Immaculate Conception Pro-Cathedral Church in Victorias Milling Company, Victorias City)

there is no runway for a rolling take off so i decides to handlaunch my 2channel flying seagull plane instead.

the bird picked up speed and altitude impressively.

this is a swing maneuver to avoid collision on an existing structure.

passing by

a wideshot as plane almost invisible to the camera.

plane looks like a blurb of dust on the camera lense.

a sharp circular descent at very high altitude.

i was too cautious in avoiding the church and ended off shooting plane...

and hitting a small storage facility

good thing...

not a damage done to the plane.

just some minor dings and folds

this baby sure is durable.

and was again ready for another round of flight, but unfortunately, i have to abort flight because wind was getting stronger.

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