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5:30 pm was a perfect time for my test flight of SYMA's SUPERSONIC airplane. at 19 inches, this airplane is so lightweight you feel you are just holding a feather. flying field is located in a land called "Buen Retiro" Bubog - the spot famous for the three large willow trees in Silay City.

I choose to handlaunch the airplane because there is no available decent runway in the area.

a slow toss will easily provide lift to the airplane. a strong toss will give the airplane a steep nose up and sometimes a 90degree climb - more like a stall climb followed by a nose dive. it is therefore only advise to handlaunch the airplane very very lightly. do not fly in strong winds. it will cause your airplane to stall and crash land. best place to fly this airplane is indoor or areas with very low wind and refrain from using a continuous full throttle.

a sample of a steep climb.

airplane gained altitude and rising

a beautiful semi profile bottom view

airplane banks left

airplane is picking up airspeed and moving away from the pilot

a wider view of airplane banks to left

bottom view of the airplane

a romantic sunset photo before landing.

later, i took some time to fly Syma's Flying Fox. look at how high it can get.

yours truly with the Pastoral brothers infront the famous "Three Sisters" willow tree. Syma Supersonic is highly recommended to young pilots, but will also amuse the intermediate pilots. for beginners, it is strongly advised to fly in areas free of rocks and concrete.


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