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My latest airplane is a four motor b-29 flying fortress. This airplane is best looking but quite challenging to handle. all four props rotate when making left or right turns so it is not advisable to prolong pressing the directional sticks as this will push the plane on a steep turn. this plane sometimes have a bad habit of delayed response making recovery difficult. B-29 is only recommended to advanced 2 channel pilots - not a good beginner plane

Handlaunching the plane is easier than taking off on a runway as it can go straight up against the wind.

The silver paint of the plane gives it a metallic gloss look from a far - like a glitering fish in an aquarium!.

Soaring high, the plane looks almost like the real thing. Its lightweight body gives in to the rising airstream.

A bottom side view

Front approach

A short turn. Turning the plane around should be in rythm - "Turn" "Stop" "Turn" "Stop" - caution with full turn should be taken to avoid dead spiral and eventual crash.

A bottom side view

Last turn before landing. The plane flew about 10mins or more on a single charge.

My friend Ronnie Jochico jr. an aircraft mechanic student of Asia Aeronautics enjoyed the morning play.

Today I also played with my Syma's Flying Fox. This airplane is durable because it is made of plastic and carbon fibre and easy to fly. The plane is sensitive to controls and is very stable and balanced - my highly recommended trainer plane!

take off position must be against the wind for a quick climb.

This baby can gain altitude fast.

When in flight, it is better to find a stream of air for quick altitude gain.

Closer view

Back view

Slow turn

Plane banks to the right

Landing sequence


Sharp pass

and ain't slowing down

That was close!!!!!

Nice landing. For my Flying Fox, I have modified the landing wheels into skids made from light weight galvanized iron wires as the built-in wheels cannot handle rough landings on thick grass.

The gang.

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