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Yours trully is very happy at 6:30am in an underdeveloped land called "Buenavista". this is the best place to fly an rc airplane just a walking distance from the house.

Preparing to handlaunch my "Flying Fox" plane

Airplane easily glided and started to ascend

Slowly it picked up speed and went up high

I made some some maneuver for a small circle flight

The sideview of the plane as it turns

A closer sideview

One slow passby

A very high flight with motors off

Front view slow approach

Fast descend

High speed fly by

Sharp pass

I added power for another round of flight

Plane flew very well as i have expected

Unfortunately, during the last round of flight, the airplane flew very high and i got lost of control, it landed somewhere the bushes more than a mile and we kept on searching for several minutes, i was about to give-up and told my cousin "its okay to loose the plane, at least we took some very nice video footages". Luckily, a guy who saw me playing pointed to the spot where he said he saw the plane landed. We ran and found the plane lying several feet without any scratch or damage.

Yours trully smilling again and back in business.

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