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PLAYING RC PLANE 16 - (04/6/08)

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i fly at the old bacolod airport

refueling my extra the primitive way!

tito nanny and mr. ereneta assisting me on the zero zen

despite a underdimensioned prop this baby can fly slugishly in a richer setting. more looking like a heavyweight turkey.

headwind - zero did not responded when i initiated elevator down in a
full throttle for a level flight, resulted to a stall turn and dive

airplane flew downwind and had a hard impact landing but resulted to only few distortions like bent landing gears and small crack on the tail wheel section. i have later found out that i did not set the control surfaces to have enough throws. good thing the torpedo did not exploded:)

my junior pilot today is benedict louie

mounting the main wing with rubber bands

taking off is easy but today has gusty winds so its a bit hard to fly

benedict on the elevators and rudder

a supposed to be landing approach

wind pushed plane back

and pushing it farther and higher

an assisted landing yet a very tricky one.

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