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my first rc plane was a two channel 32" wingspanner transcend super airplane. i painted it black then camouflage to hide the scratches and damages. the airplane did not flew well because i did not asked the assistance of an expert - imagine taking off downwind!:). if you are up for the challenge then follow me!

first time i flew the plane was in a highly obstacled area.
power lines and houses is all over but it was very challenging for me or im just playing carelessly.

as the airplane picks-up altitude, the adrenaline rush takes over and you will forget you are flying in a hot zone.

at an instant, you will realize it is a perilous attempt to take off in a congested area

tip for beginners: dont panic. just move the aircraft away to an opposite direction.

ooopppsss! whats happening? did i pressed the wrong button?

its moving towards the earth in a falling brick speed.

my goodness!

good gracious! the airplane bounced like a ball

and rolling

and rolling

that almost gave me a heart attack!

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