- Welcome to HOELITO I's HOMEPAGE -

email me at haibardolaza@homanga.net

Satellite image of my location and the flying fields
I am inviting local and visiting rc electric aircraft enthusiasts to come and fly! area open for flying all day long!

my area is located in negros occidental philippines

specifically in the boundary of silay and talisay city

i have 4 different flying fields, for different feel of flying and training. Flying field 2 is an underdevelopment land which we called "the airport" is a suitable training ground for beginner pilots because there are large areas to land encase of trouble and several intersecting streets for taxying the plane and the airspace is large. Flying field 1 and 3 are more of an obstacle course as it is surrounded by trees and would usually require a handlaunch for take off. Flying field 4 is a two intersecting road with sometimes heavy traffic but a challenge for intermediate and expert pilots .
My residence is marked in slightly opaque red fill.

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