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LEISURE TRIPS 2 (unrecorded date)

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A panoramic view of Bonista Resort in Sagay, Negros Occidental. Located South of Bacolod City is a long drive to this
beautiful and serene place. We have a large family, so going there was a lot of fun.

Going to Sagay was a long trip indeed. about 2 hrs ride from our home town, Silay City. Vast stretches of sugarcane plantation can be seen along the way.
Lifesize statues of the Virgin Mary makes you think you are in the set of "Lord of the Rings"
Old Spanish church in Vito Cruz.
A beautifully carved image of a saint
Interior of church
Feeling debonair cousin Carlo Dormido Possed and acted out like he is the host of "Discovery Channel's Lonely Planet"
Vendors flocked like wild seagulls to sell religious ornaments and souvenirs to local tourists
Ever restless and energetic cousins Carlo and Karl Zulueta finds time to hone their wrestling skills during a stop over.
We barely have enough room for the entire relatives like a compressed sardines in a can. What more could be fun and challenging? That's my cousin Anthony Ascalon jr.
At last! Aunt Merci, Niece Nica, Cousin Andre and Uncle Jojo rushed out of their "armoured personnel carrier" and see who gets to sniff the air of a Sagay resort first.
A cottage
A covered area
An elevated living facility
Top view of swimming pool from the elevated quarter
Cousins walked around while tide is low
Cousins Anthony and Karl
Cousin Laika

I dont know what this is, a kingsize dougnut maybe?

Tides rising
Top view from an elevated area
a cliff near the elevated facility
Path leading to a cliff
Hey don't jump! Im here to the rescue!!!
a seascape from the cliff
A beautiful image
Reef and sea current
Cousin Karl, Stephanie, yours trully, Chief Mate Uncle Pietro and Aunt Corazon
Thats not Yaphet Kotto. That's my dad he's an Architect!

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