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We celebrated moms b-day at a mountain resort called Mambukal last April 4, 2004. The place is a few miles ride South from the City of Bacolod. Any new comer to the place will surely be amazed with the vast mountainous land suitable for farming, as sugarcane being the main crop.
This picture shows one long bridge indicating the resort is nearby .

Along the way, we stopped for fuel. We see pedicab drivers resting. pedicabs are one cheap means of transportation in small areas where tricycles and commuter jeeps no longer operate.
Fruit stands are very popular along the main roads of Bacolod City.
We also have Robinson's mall here. The 3 level complex have 6 cinemas, a fountain, an elevator and escalators. The rising of this mall encouraged more businesses to move to the North of the City.
This is one of the pioneers in department stores in our province - Lopue's East Center. My first employment as an advertising personnel is from one of their branch.
This university is one of the oldest and major in the province - University of St. Augustin.
A Roman Catholic church - Redemptorist church is walking distance from University of St. Augustin.
This is a huge cockpit arena being constructed. Cock fighting have been an old pastime for the rich and the masses alike.
An overloaded tricycle is a usual scene along the way to the mountain resort.
A vast land plantation.
A house in the middle of the field.
Arriving at the mountain resort, we see a tree infested fruit bats.
A closer look at the bats.
A tree bridge for climbers who wants to have a feel of an elevated trail.
A closer view of the suspended bridge
Kayaking is one amenity at the resort.
A beautiful top view of the pond for kayaks and paddle boats
A closer view of paddle boats
My cousins Sarah Ascalon and Carlo Dormido gears to collision.

Cousins, Stephanie Dormido, Mwa, Sarah and Joan Robles. We had a wonderful time together at the resort.

Yours trully at the 1st falls. We hiked about 2 miles from the cottage area to reach this place. The water is cool and anybody can just jump in for a swim - except no food allowed in the pool.

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