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(frankly speaking, this hobby is not for the faint hearted)

- crash landing in tall grasses is not fun! -

- view functioning device video -

I am already very sick and tired of combing the entire tall grasses to find for my lost airplane. due to necessity i deviced an alarm system that can be activated through the remote controller.

1. find an old servo.
2. remove the motor - motors are usualy 4 to 6 volts
3. find a mini electronic chime emiter - i got mine from an old remote controller with low power indicator chime. or you can purchase it from an electronic center
4. weld the chime into the motor wire and attach a higher resistor to reduce voltage in the positive wiring
5. attach the plug to any available channel in your receiver or you can attach it parallel to any servo wiring if you only have few channels.
6. test by switching or pressing on the control stick and the chime will emit a loud tone - no more hardtime looking for a plane crashing on tall grasses! good luck!

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