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It was 1pm in striking heat when i heared a chopping sound, took my camera, climbed the window and ran on top the roof.

Inset is the Huey.

i will do anything just to take a snap shot of the Huey. Here, i used a 110mm fuji film on micro camera.

This is one nice pic my good friend Mark Granada gave me - or maybe he got tired and annoyed by my insistent begging. This wonderful shot was taken by his father Danilo Granada, a former official photographer of Victorias Milling Company.
This is another award winning shot from interior of Huey helicopter. again taken by Danilo Granada. Hey is that a can of sardines mounted as slide throughs?
During my early years, i made this Huey out of cardboard and had fun playing with GIJoe figurines.
My first Huey toy was ERTL 1:72 Bell UH1 given to me as a present during my b-day when i was in highschool.
It was the best moment i had when i touched my miniature idol.
This is the best watercolor painting i did in college. It is entitled "Pnom Phen 1974". during that time, i was taking up photography, so i was able to take a picture of this great masterpiece before it was totally consumed by termites in storage.
This is a photo given to me by my cousin Jose Nartatez, a columnist in one local newspaper in Kalibo Aklan.

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