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Last April 9, 2004 we joined the afternoon Good Friday procession

Yours trully gets a smack of the afternoon sunlight. Good gracious! im not melting.

A view of the main highway going to Silay City. Yes we still have trees all over.
A private Catholic school - St. Theresita's Academy.
An old Spanish house. Silay City is known as the Paris of Negros because of its great influence from the Spaniards being a Spanish colony for many years.
Another old Spanish house converted into a pastry shop. El Edeal is known for its native delicacies.
A newly renovated block of ancestral house with the ground floor converted into commercial area -- Relax and have a coffee break at Dunkin' donuts.

The Silay City hall.

Hey look at that! are those popcorn vendors?

A pro-cathedral Catholic church - San Diego de Alcala Church
Another view of the church
People gathers at a small park and waited for the procession to start.
These guys aren't refugees. They are thesame people waiting for the procession.
Okay. not yet convinced? These people are the masses and most of them came from the depressed areas thats why they are dressed like that. But they are not refugees.
Those are not U.N. or W.H.O tents. those are food vendors tent. The people have become commercialized and enterpreneurship a part of their life, many do business when the city commemorates special events.
People are scattered while balloons are bind together, the usual scene in a park.
That is not a UFO. Just a dried-up fountain in the middle of the park. Without the water, the children can now ran around like wild horses.
The playground is pretty filled-up during events like these, so if you are a kid who wants to play, better make reservations earlier - or bring someone with well built and mascular body so no one complains.:)
Basketball is a sport that never fades.
Start of the procession.
First Statue
Last Statue

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