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Dragonfly #4 updates and repairs

aligning all the major rotating parts is crucial to a helicopters stability.
once you have perfectly aligned everything, you will have no worries with hovering.

looking infront the heli, the stabilizer rod should be horizontal at starting position. any angle to the side will produce vibration

on top the main prop should be straight and a 90degree
with stabilizer. any misalignment to main prop can cause heli to wobble.

at side view, the stabilizer wing should have a 5degree angle of attack.this amplifies lift and reduces vibration

notice that stabilizer wing has a 5degree angle of attack at front view.

to trim and level heli, hold it firm and tight near the rear main gear area to suspend heli with skid 1/4 of an inch from a table surface and start adding throttle.

a balanced heli will look like this with just minor sways.

it adding throttle and your heli sways to the left, just adjust trim a few notches to the right until heli levels.

if heli sways to the right, just adjust trim a few notches to the left intil you get correct balance.

if heli moves forward, adjust a bit to back trim

if heli moves a bit to the back, adjust trim favorable to the front. until you get a blance heli

install a bead or pellet to the tip of the tail rod so that tail slides easily on rough terrain. of course i dont advise flying on a rough surface.

permanently mount or use a super glue to fix the tail bearing. tail bearing flies of when tail hits a hard surface.

when tail prop is too close to the tail bar, posibility is tail prop will continue to hit the tail support bar during steering.

to solve this flaw, flip the tail rotor gear so when it touches the gear of tail motor it is just on the tip of motor gear without the gap, this increases distance between prop and tailbar.

the length o my stabilizer rod reduced when it broke during a crash - i removed the weights and noticed the heli was more controllable

i used a dismantled old motors carbon and brushes to repair the tail motor. - latest advise - buy a new one if you need to!

i replaced the carbon fiber support rod into same thickness galvanized iron wire for tougher landing.

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