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Description: this airplane is a simple handlaunch glider for kids 8 - 10 yrs old. The plane is capable of long gliding distances depending on the lightness of material and weather condition.

modelling clay as weight
light weight strong sheet for all the wings (preferably food packaging foams or cardboard
lightweight strong rectangular bar for fuselage or body (preferably styrene foam of popsicle stick
transparent sticky tape

1. Cut the light weight sheet to create a wing like in the above illustration
2. Find the wing tip to tip center and bend to create an airfoil (an airfoil is responsible for the airplanes lift - the wind passing through the upper wing has no greater pressure and the wind in the lower wing pushes the plane up).
3. Find the center line of the wing and cut an angle to create dihedral when placing back together. (dihedral angle is the stabilizing factor of the wing to prevent the plane from rolling when making a turn - it evens the flow of air from one side of the wing to the other when turning from left or right.

4. Cut the light weight sheet into shapes for horizontal stabilizer and rudder. Horizontal stabilizer is respnsible for balancing the plane horizontally while rudder helps the plane to glide in a straight path.
5. Cut the light weight bar into a conelike body or fuselage with almost thesame length of the wing span
6. Find a center line to attach the wing, usully 2/6th from the tip of the head.
7. Attach the wings using a sticky tape or adhessive, same with the back wings.
8. Lastly roll the modelling clay into a ball and stick it on the tip of the airplanes head.
9. Try launching the plane. If the plane stalls and tilts up, then you need to add clay to the head because it is tail heavy. If the plane flyin and drops to theground swiftly head first, then it is head heavy, you need to remove a little weight until the plane flies straight and balanced.

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